Multiple inheritance, metaclasses, and more

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Python is the most popular programming language in the world. Most applications only need a small subset of Python’s diverse arsenal. However, if you want to become a true Python expert, you should learn and master these concepts as well.

Multiple Inheritance

Classes can inherit from more than just one main class. They can inherit from multiple. This allows you to combine the strengths of multiple base classes to create a very diverse and powerful class.

Multiple inheritance

While true multiple inheritance (i.e. inheriting from two or more fleshed-out classes) is frowned upon, inheriting from one base class and then inheriting some…

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When you have an idea, you often just want to start coding. Your motivation is high, your idea fresh, your hopes are up. Taking extra time to start with fluffy little things like architecture or design will just hold you back!

Until the moment that you’re actually in the middle of working it out. Suddenly, your code is a mess, your design doesn’t make sense and all you’re doing is staring at your screen and wondering why you exist.

Your project just stays unfinished and you start the cycle anew with a new shiny idea.

As I’ve gone through this…

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If you are looking to create a web app in Python, choosing a framework will be the first technical decision you will need to make. With so many options, which one should you go for?

Most web apps these days are REST applications that perform CRUD operations on your selected database. This means that a lot of the code you want to write is quite generic and could be simplified a lot with generic code from libraries.

Specifically, we are looking for two types of libraries:

  1. A Web framework
  2. A Database framework

Because we are making a new web app…

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A quick introduction to TypeScript for experienced Python developers

If you already know Python, you might be interested in learning TypeScript. It is getting more and more popular. It works in your browser. And in many facets, it is a very similar language.

However, most places to learn a programming language are focused on new developers. Very few articles or tutorials cut down to the essentials of the new language while leaving out the basic of programming. This article will provide a brief but dense overview how TypeScript works, and how you can get started easily. It contains the basic syntax, loops, types, shorthands are more.

The basics

TypeScript is a…

Do you want to deliver high quality products ⚡fast⚡? There is not other way for building ventures fast, reliable and quality-complete than with Agile.

With Agile, I don’t mean user stories, scrum, or standing up during meetings. I am talking about the core values of Agile and how they fit into your team. All other things are just tools and methods. If you can work Agile while everybody is sitting at a desk talking about requirements, then go for it.

Agile is the way for building ventures in iterations
Agile is the way for building ventures in iterations
Agile is building ventures in iterations

A lot of other people have written about how to use Agile in general. Fast, short sprints. Write requirements as…


You did your interviews and have your problem set out for you. But what do you need to focus on for building ventures? A problem has a million different subtle details. How to prioritise these?

Last week we talked about solving the right problem by conducting your interviews. This week, we’ll use data to find the most important aspect of your problem. For this, you need more than five responses. You need quantitative verification. We do this verification in two steps:

  1. Gather your data
  2. Analyse your data
Make sure you focus on the important parts for building ventures
Make sure you focus on the important parts for building ventures
Do we focus on yellow, black or white?

1. Gathering data

First off, gathering your data. Like last week, we split this up in…

How can you process the quantitative data that you got from a survey? Unveil allows you to create a product you know your customers love.

The last step of finding your customer’s true needs, is to process the data from your survey. This data captures the satisfaction and importance of your desired outcomes. Learn how to find the desired outcomes in my previous post.

With this survey data, you have a quantitative view on your customer’s wants. Data are just numbers, you also need to interpret them. Unveil by 0smosis shows what your customer data means for your business. …

Do you want to know what your customers really want? Then you need to get out of the building and talk to them.

Step 2 of finding your customer’s true needs, is doing interviews. If you missed Step 1, the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework, you can read about it here.

Interviews allow you to go in-depth to get to know your customer. The interviews have two goals: validating your framework and uncovering customer desires. That’s the theory. How hard could it be? Oh, boy, you have no idea.

Without any preparation, these interviews are tough. You get lost in the details. You…

Do you want to impress the world with a brand-new innovation? Then you have to make sure you provide a solution to a task that your customer is trying to get done.

Jobs-to-be-Done is a method to set out the path your customer is trying to do. Outcome Driven Innovation uses that path to get quantitative data. This data allows you to understand your customers. These two frameworks make sure that people want your product.

Quite a few people have already written about the theory behind those two. Reading about it is easy. Doing it is quite a bit harder…

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